Summer Fitness Challenge

Lake Forest Health and Fitness would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Summer Fitness Challenge! We had a total of 50 participants who completed the six-week challenge. The finalized tally sheet for all participants can be found on the Fitness Floor.


The below participants completed more than 1000 points throughout the six week program:

Scott F. 2420 points
Scott O. 2327 points
Kathleen B. 1968 points
Susan E. 1936 points
Henrietta L. 1366 points
Sandra W. 1177 points
Nancy M. 1028 points

Prize Winners

The following participants are this year’s prize winners:

The winners of the program may stop by the front desk to pick up their certificate and/or claim their prize.

For more information on our Summer Fitness Challenge, contact Jessica Ervin at (847) 535-8614 or

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