Pilates Group Equipment Classes

The Pilates Group Equipment classes at Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center offer exercise techniques that focus on flexibility, posture and abdominal strength in a group setting. Classes are held in the Group Pilates Equipment studio, unless otherwise noted.

January 6 to March 16, 2019

MONDAY 10:30–11:25a Group Pilates Reformer & Tower Deb
TUESDAY 10:00–10:55a Group Pilates Reformer & Tower Wendy
WEDNESDAY 10:00–10:55a
Group Pilates Reformer & Tower
Group Pilates Reformer & Tower
THURSDAY 8:30–9:25a Group Power Walk & Reformer* Loralee
FRIDAY 9:30–10:25a
Group Pilates Reformer & Tower
Group Pilates Equipment Circuit
SATURDAY 8:00–8:55a
Group Pilates Reformer
Group Pilates Reformer & Tower
SUNDAY 9:30–10:25a Group Mixed Equipment Michelle

* Power Walk & Reformer meets on track

Download the PDF version of our Pilates Group Equipment Classes schedule.

Group Mixed Equipment — This is an instructor’s choice class! It is dependent on the students enrolled in the class and their needs. Enjoy a fun and challenging way to experience all of the equipment, Reformer, Tower and chair in the studio while still receiving a full body workout. Props such as Pilates Arc, balls and magic circle may also be used in this class.

Group Pilates Equipment Circuit — A fast paced class utilizing exercises on the reformer, tower, mat, barrel, as well as a variety of other small props and accessories. Students bene?t from overall improved ?tness by focusing on building strength, improving ?exibility & improving endurance. Previous Pilates experience required.

Group Pilates Reformer — The Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine that uses springs, leverage and body weight as resistance to target specific muscle groups. The Reformer is the workhorse of any Pilates Equipment class and gives you a total body workout. Controlled, flowing movements work your muscles through a full range of motion. Participants see changes in muscular and core strength, as well as increased endurance, flexibility and reduction in body fat.

Group Pilates Reformer & Tower — This class is a dynamic workout challenge using a combination of Reformer exercises and Cadillac/Tower exercises to challenge your core and mind-body connection. You will feel invigorated, stretched and ready for anything after this class!

Group Power Walk & Reformer — Change the way you move, feel and look with 50/50 Pilates Power Walk and Reformer! This class will kick-start your morning with 25 minutes on the track to improve form, stride and balance. Afterward, you will spend 25 minutes on the Reformer to stretch and lengthen your muscles.

Group Equipment Pricing

One & five sessions $30 per session Members
10 & 15 sessions $28 per session Members
25 sessions $27 per session Members
Single session $50 Non-members


To purchase Group Equipment sessions, stop by or call the front desk at (847) 535-7000. For more information, contact Deb Valenti, Pilates Coordinator, at (847) 535-7117 or dvalenti@nmhfc.com. Learn more about the Reformer on our Pilates Equipment Training page.

Pilates Class Policies

Members new to Pilates Group Equipment Classes should attend a Beginner's class or complete a minimum of one private session with a Pilates instructor for evaluation.

You may call ahead to save your spot. At least two participants are required for class to be held; for a single participant, a 30-minute private session will be offered at no additional cost in lieu of the 60-minute class. Our 24-hour cancellation policy applies.

To schedule a private session, please contact Deb Valenti, Pilates Coordinator, at (847) 535-7117 or dvalenti@nmhfc.com.


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