Member Etiquette

Whether this is your first time joining a club or you are a veteran gym-goer, please follow the below Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center etiquette guidelines to help make everyone’s workout experience the best it can be.

  • Appearance
    Make sure that you're dressed appropriately and safely for your workout. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear, including clean athletic gym shoes. Group exercise participants are required to wear shoes or sandals to and from classes.
  • Hygiene
    Be considerate of those around you and be sure to put on deodorant before your workout. Please don't load up on heavy perfumes or colognes—some scents can be offensive or may cause problems for those with asthma or allergies. Please do not spit on the track or in the water fountain.
  • Machine Usage
    Be respectful of others when using fitness equipment. There is a 30-minute limit on cardiovascular machines during busy times.
  • Sharing Equipment
    Someone may be waiting in line to use a machine, so please be mindful and offer to take turns using the equipment.
  • Cleanliness
    Although our Fitness Staff cleans regularly, please remember to wipe down your equipment with the provided sanitary wipes. Clean the handles, the seat and the back—anything that you've touched. It is important to dispose of dirty towels in the gray bins provided in all exercise areas. 
  • Returning Workout Equipment
    When you've finished using equipment such as dumbbells, stability balls and mats, put them back where they belong. This includes taking free weights off of bars and machines. Please do not drop or slam the weights.
  • Cell Phones
    Technology is not allowed in the locker rooms! This includes cell phones, laptops and notepads. The use of cell phones is also prohibited in all exercise areas including the track. Please look for cell phone designated areas to utilize your phone.
  • Noise
    Be aware of your volume level. Keep your voice and your music low so you do not disturb others.
  • Club Hours
    Be courteous of club hours and plan your workout accordingly. For example, if the club closes at 10:00 p.m., members must leave the facility by 10:00 p.m. Please be sure to exit through the main entrance of the facility.
  • Underage Members
    Members ages 13 or 14 that have completed our Youth Certification must be accompanied by an adult or Personal Trainer while using the facility.
  • Fitness Orientation
    Please do not skip the Fitness Orientation. We want you to use the equipment properly in order to get the greatest benefit from your workout.
  • Personal Trainers
    Personal trainers are available for all fitness levels and during most times of the day. Please direct all fitness questions to the Fitness Floor Staff when Personal Trainers are working one-on-one with clients. Members are not allowed to bring in trainers who are not employed by Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center.


Age Restrictions

Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center is a family-friendly club. Membership is limited to those 18 years of age or older. Family membership options are available for children or dependents ages 13 to 22 with the sponsorship of a parent or legal guardian member. Junior dependents ages 13 and 14 are required to go thru a Youth Certification before becoming a member. For more information contact a sales advisor at (847) 535-7064.


Track Etiquette

Thank you for following the below track etiquette guidelines for the safety of all members.

  • Inside lane is designated for walking and those who might need assistance by holding onto the railing.

  • Outside lane is designated for running.

  • Exercise caution when entering track from elevator. We have provided safety mirrors to assist you.

  • When changing lanes on the track, be cautious of others around that might be going at a different speed than you. Keep this in mind when entering or exiting track, as well.

  • Pay attention to daily track direction. Signs are posted just off the elevator and at the top of the stairwell.

  • Stay to the two outside lanes if you are participating in a group class or performing an exercise around the track.

  • Be observant and cautious of those who need to enter or exit at the track level if you are using the stairs for exercise purposes.

  • For your convenience, we have placed tall gray bins for used towels along multiple areas of the track.

  • Put away any equipment that you may use and do not attach anything to the railings.

  • Jumping rope is not allowed on the track. Jumping rope is allowed in our functional areas and TRX area on the fitness floor.


Pool/Lap Pool Usage

Be respectful of other swimmers. Lap lanes will be reserved during posted aquatic classes and private swim lessons. Sharing lap lanes is encouraged and is a commonly accepted practice during peak hours. Please address the current swimmer politely.

Download the PDF version of our Member Etiquette Guidelines.

For any questions about these guidelines or your membership, please call us at (847) 535-7000 or contact us.


Membership Bridge

Members may request that their membership be placed on hold, or "bridge", with the following restrictions:

  • Any requests to bridge a membership must be submitted on a membership change form available at the front desk or from the Membership Department. All requests must be submitted by the first of the month.

  • Memberships may not be downgraded at the time of a bridge request. Requests for bridging a membership may be honored for temporary relocation and extenuating circumstances; all are subject to Membership Director's approval.

  • Membership must be bridged for a minimum of two months and may not exceed six months. Bridging during June, July or August is allowed for only extenuating circumstances along with the approval of the Membership Director. One-third of the monthly dues will be charged during the bridge period.

  • If one person on a couple's membership is placed on a bridge, the remaining member pays the regular individual dues rate.

  • During a bridge, members may use the facility twice a month at no charge. Any additional visits while on bridge during the month, would require a guest fee.


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