Lose to Win 2017:
Purple vs. Grey Edition

Thank you to all who participated in this year's Lose to Win 2017: Purple vs. Grey!

The average percentage of weight lost for the entire program was 4.21%, with a total body weight loss of 645.90 pounds! We had another very successful year and look forward to planning for Lose to Win 2018.

Winning Team

The winning team color was Team Purple with an 18.25% average weight loss! Team Purple included the teams of the following trainers:

Top Three Individual Teams

3rd Place:
Josh Watson's team with 4.65% average weight loss!

2nd Place:
Dylan Weis' team with 4.77% average weight loss!

1st Place:
Lauren von Schaumburg's team with 5.61% average weight loss!

Lose to Win is Lake Forest Health & Fitness Center's annual eight-week weight loss program designed to improve your overall health and help you reach your fitness goals. All participants will work with a certified personal trainer through 16 vigorous team workouts. With bi-weekly weigh-ins and basic nutrition guidance from your trainer, you will be sure to stay on track!

For more information on Lose to Win, contact Jessica Ervin at (847) 535-8614 or jessica.ervin@nm.org.




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